WiRC - Be Brave

Take Risks and Fail... to Succeed

calendar-white28th September 2021 @ 10:45

Be Brave

Take Risks and Fail... to Succeed

  • Why failure is a good teacher
  • When you cannot learn from failure
  • How failure can define the way forward

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail



Rupal Patel (Moderator)

WiRC Co-founder & Acin Risk Solutions Specialist

Terri Duhon-1

Terri Duhon

Award Winning Educator, TEDx Speaker, Board Director, Finance and Risk Expert

Carolyn headshot 3

Carolyn Clarke

Brave Consulting Ltd, Director & Founder

"Leaders in risk and control face into difficult situations on a daily basis: it requires courageous conversations, underpinned by resilience and the willingness to take personal risk."


Carolyn Clarke
Brave Consulting Ltd