Better RCSA's:

How banks are leveraging peer data

calendar-whiteWednesday 23rd June 2021

Join us on a tour of the Acin platform. See how you can quantify a critical input into Operational Risk Control with the Acin Score. View, compare and track your control design. How you can:

  • Quantify your Risk and Control environment to identify differences to the industry standard with the Acin Score
  • Calibrate your controls to assess your risk tolerance and risk appetite
  • Build operational resilience through scenario analysis informed by data driven risk intelligence

Acin is working with leading companies to identify opportunities to dynamically manage your business with operational risk control diagnostics. Our RiskTech is  powered by a network of leading financial institutions. 



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Peter Irvine

Commercial Research & Insights


Rupal Patel

Network Engagement & Insights

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James Mackonochie

Product Development

Emerging risks are very often cross-risk themes, they don’t just impact one or two risk types, they impact the entire system

Samantha Ng
Head of Portfolio Management and Transformation Risk
Deutsche Bank