Operational Risk at a Crossroads

Why is a fresh approach needed?

calendar-whiteTuesday 23rd February 2021

The changing face of Operational Risk

  • The past to the future
  • Covid-19: the ultimate in operational risk – the impact on people, processes and systems

The bigger picture: the sticky tape model to OpRisk is no longer working

Front-to-back operational risk management - How do we get there?

  • How can stakeholders across the enterprise collaborate to minimise operational risk?
  • How do we promote a data-driven approach to operational risk management
  • Next steps for operational risk management



Damian Hoskins

Damian Hoskins

Senior Risk & Controls Leader

Stephen Mascall

Stephen Mascall

IB Controls & Regulatory COO, EMEA, Credit Suisse

Samantha Ng

Samantha Ng

Head of Portfolio Management and Transformation Risk, Deutsche Bank


Rupal Patel

(Moderator) Network & Insights Lead, Acin

Emerging risks are very often cross-risk themes, they don’t just impact one or two risk types, they impact the entire system

Samantha Ng
Head of Portfolio Management and Transformation Risk
Deutsche Bank