WiRC - The Vital Role of Mentoring in Risk Management

calendar-white3rd February 2021

Mentoring, coaching or sponsorship

  • How do they differ and why are they relevant?
  • Would you benefit from mentoring? Would you be a good mentor?

How to maximise your potential though a successful mentoring relationship

  • What makes a relationship a success?
  • What to do if a relationship is not working

What makes a great mentor-mentee relationship for someone in Risk?




Rupal Patel (Moderator)

WiRC Co-founder & Acin Risk Solutions Specialist

Mary Ericson

Mary Ericson

J.P. Morgan – Global Markets E-trading Business Controls Manager

Kanwardeep Ahluwalia

Kanwardeep Ahluwalia

Bank of America, Co-CRO for Global FICC & Deputy CRO for EMEA

You’re not necessarily going to find a mentor where you think you are, keep your senses open to where those relationships could develop outside of the normal

Mary Ericson
Global Markets E-trading Business Controls Manager
JP Morgan